Telecom Signaling Penetration Testing

Explore for vulnerabilities in your telecom network.

Your defense is only as strong as its weakest link

The golden rule in security is to think offensive and prepare your defense accordingly. Regular penetration testing on your network will help you identify potential vulnerabilities well in advance and address them before they are exploited. Our team of highly skilled penetration testers will help you enhance your telecom network security posture and reduce the risk of attacks. This will automatically result in an improved operation efficiency.

Know your vulnerabilities

An attacker will exploit the un-addressed vulnerabilities on your network to gain unauthorized access to your organization.

Secure your perimeter

With our advanced threat intelligence research process and team, you can secure your perimeters addressing the threats pro-actively.

Boost your Defense

Boost your network signal and defenses without exposing your network to attackers through our practical and customized guidance to address your threats in signalling.

SS7/SIGTRAN Penetration Testing

Diameter Penetration Testing

GTP Penetration Testing

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Conducting a periodic penetration testing over your telecom network will let you check your organization’s capability and endurance in securing the network, systems, endpoints and users against existing and emerging internal and external threats.

Some of the key benefits of regular penetration testing include:
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Vulnerabilities we check

Vulnerabilities for the telecom sector are different from the regular IT environment. These would include understanding of various types of attacks on the network like tracking or signalling vulnerabilities. At Matrix-Shell, our experts are well trained in identifying telecom sector specific vulnerabilities. The range of vulnerabilities we check include but not limited to: –

Call Interception

OTP Interception / 2FA Bypass

Location Tracking

Denial of service attack- Subscriber / Network wide

Premium rate number fraud

Banking Fraud

Billing Fraud

VAS fraud

Detect signalling threats across all protocols

Our advanced penetration testing procedures detects the threats across the spectrum like SS7, Diameter and GTP. Our expert team would then provide the recommendations to address these vulnerabilities and having a secure network.
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GSMA| GSMA-Telecom-Penetration-Testing-Guidelines | Matrixshell

Adherence with GSMA guidelines

Adherence to guidelines and best practice suggestions by GSMA would ensure you will always be secure. Matrix-shell is a member of GSMA and our experts who are well-verse with GSMA guidelines will assess your network and provide you a picture of your adherence with GSMA guidelines. Definitions and classifications like Cat-1, Cat-2 and Cat-3 in FS-11, FS-12 and FS-19 of GSMA specifications are reviewed.

See how Matrix-Shell can help to secure your network

Telecom Signalling Penetration Testing Services

SS7/ SIGTRAN Penetration Testing

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Diameter Penetration Testing

GTP Penetration Testing

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