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Keeping a check on your network and signalling vulnerabilities is very important in providing seamless services to your customers. Matrix-shell helps you in taking preventive actions to secure and safeguard your infrastructure from internal and external threats that may result in misuse, unauthorized access, destruction and unauthorized disclosure.

Matrix-Shell have expertise in Telecom Network Security consulting. Also we assist organizations to secure telecom network to prevent external Vulnerabilities. Telecom Network Security can be compromised by a multitude of Telecom network new threats. Matrix-shell provides Telecom Network Security Consulting services based on thorough telecom security assessment and submit a report with detailed threats review and rating according to GSMA Standard. We have acquired detailed experience in working on various Telecom Networks, mobile applications and various networking tools. Moreover, we are very close to monitoring the Telecom Networking threats with the help of Matrix-Shell Telecom testing tools.

Our Telecom Security Consulting services include the below extended services to assist your organization in seamless customer service:

Telecom Network Threats

Threats actors pose a serious security to Telecom organizations with the introduction of new services and technologies. The most prevent attack vector in current telecom networks (4G/5G) Includes.

Telecom Organizations have struggled in addressing unique challenges faced by Telecom network.

Limited Expertise

Telecom Security requires understanding of telecom network and cyber security domain. Job markets and IT security providers usually fail to provides telecom security required.

Complex System

Telecom Networks are built using customized systems and architecture. It limited the organization’s ability to use any off-the shelf tool for security monitoring and Vulnerabilities assessment.

Ambiguity in security requirements

There is prevalent ambiguity in the nature of telecom threats and incidents due to the lack of detection of most telecom security breaches.

Why Conduct VAPT On Telecom Network?

Our High Level Methodology For Telecom Network VAPT

High level VAPT methodology

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