Matrix-Shell Privacy and Policy

We ensure that user provided information and privacy are protected by us, it is kept confidential.


This protection approach sets out how Matrix-Shell Technologies is utilized, shared and secures all data that you give by our organization. We appreciate your belief and need you to feel confident in our services and security as it relates to your individual data to Matrix-Shell once you utilize this website.
This Privacy policy sets out how Matrix-Shell Technologies is used, shared and protects all information that you gives by our Organization. Matrix-Shell appreciate your trust and want you feel confident in our Services and Security as it relates to your personal information to Matrix-Shell Technologies when you use this website.
Matrix-Shell is committed to ensuring that your privacy is secured. If visitors can ask us to provide certain information by which you’ll be able to identify when using this website, and then you can be guaranteed that it will only be used in accordance with this security statement? Information provided by the visitor will help us personalize and continually improve your Telecom signalling Penetration testing, Radio Access Network Security Assessment, 5G Network Security Testing, telecom Security Assessment experience at Matrix-Shell Technologies.
Matrix-Shell may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that your are happy with the changes. This policy is effective from 02-Nov-2021.

Processing about collected personal data

Your personal data is requested when you register with our website to access restricted content, subscribe to our newsletter, download documentation, and request a demo or meeting with Matrix-Shell Technologies. Your website navigation may also be observed for measurable purposes. Matrix-Shell Technologies also collects information about your computer hardware and software. This information may include your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times, and referring website addresses.

What information Matrix-Shell may collect about visitors

Cookies Policy

Cookies are integral to the way modern websites work. Most personalization and social media integration on websites relies on cookies in one way or another. However, they can be used in a way that doesn’t benefit visitors, and they are often used to track people across the web and build up profiles that are very valuable to brands and advertisers for targeted marketing. This is often seen as an invasion of privacy, and because cookies are a fairly quiet technology – this can be happening to you without you realizing it or being able to stop it if you wanted to. To help you become more aware of this activity and give you a say in whether you want to allow it to happen, new EU-wide privacy legislation was put in place in 2021. This has become known as the Cookie Law.

User can check your Cookies Settings

What are cookie?

When a visitor comes to our website, the browser stored information in text files, that stored data known as cookies. They are used by most websites to improve user involvement and website performance. Cookies are not used to run any programs or deliver viruses to your computer or system.

How does Matrix-Shell use Cookies?

User cookies are used to remember your login details, intent, interest and language preferences, to collect statistics to optimize site functionality, and to deliver content tailored to your interest. In cookies some features on the site will not work if the user does not allow it.

How can user manage cookies?

A user can manage cookies through your system cookies preference. In any case, disabling cookies may prevent some web browsing services from working properly, affecting, partially or totally, navigating the websites.

What cookies does Matrix-shell use?

A user can manage cookies through your system cookies preference. In any case, disabling cookies may prevent some web browsing services from working properly, affecting, partially or totally, navigating the websites.

Data Transfer to outsider Parties

The provision of information or the provision of service by Matrix-Shell to its users through its website may involve the use of services of subcontract third parties, outsider parties.
At the working time circumstance and where necessary, Matrix-Shell will only use subcontracted data which present sufficient guaranteed to carry out appropriate technical and organizational measures in a way that the processing meets the requirements of the applicable standards in accordance with the level of security appropriate to the risk and sensibility of the personal data in question, and such guarantees will be established by contract signed between the Matrix-Shell and each of these third parties.

Security of visitor Personal Data

Matrix-shell uses a very strong different types of security technologies and procedures to help protect & secure your personal data from unauthorised acces, use, outesider, or discloser. Matrix-shell secures the personally indentifiable information you provide on computer services in a controlled, secure environment protected from unauthorized access, use or discloser.
In any case, it is very sole responcibility to keep the access codes secret, not shring security code & details with outsider or third parties, and in the particular case of the computer application used to access Matrix-Shell websites, Maintain and keep the access devices in a safe and secure condition, follow the security practices recommended by the manufaturers and operators, namely the installation and updating of the necessary security applications, among other, antivirus application. in case of subcontracted need some services to third parties that way have access to your persona data, Matrix-Shell subcntractors will be obliged to adopt the security and organizational measures, as well access, loss or destruction of your personal data.
Taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risks, of probability and variable seriousness, for your individual information, Matrix-Shell and all subcontractors apply the suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of safety appropriate to the relevant risk.

Quick Response

Based on the visitor collected data, Matrix-Shell has implemented a quick response management system related to visitor information security, privacy, and data security. We strive to maintain advance threats detection technologies to help identify and respond to security or privacy events without delay and with all available information. With Matrix-Shell, with Matrix-Shell begin at all times committed to implement the appropriate technical and organization measures to ensure an adequate level of security appropriate to the nature and characteristics of the personal data processed by Matrix-shell.

Changes to Matrix-Shell Data Protection, Privacy and Cookies Policy

This visitor data Protection, Privacy and Cookies Policy may be updated from time to time, so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal data to Matrix-shell. If visitors do not agree with the relevant changes, please do not continue to use the Matrix-Shell website to submit personal information to Matrix-Shell. As stated above, you can also delete your Matrix-Shell account at any time.
In any case, if material or relevant changes are made to this Data Protection, Privacy and Cookies Policy, namely, affecting how we would like to use the personal data of Matrix-Shell account subscribers, we will provide a more prominent notice, which may include an email notification informing you of the occurrence of changes in the Policy or a notice when accessing Matrix-Shell websites informing of such changes occurrence and the recommendation to consult the changed Data Protection, Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Matrix-Shell Contacts

For the work out of any kind of data protection and privacy rights or for any matter relating to data protection, privacy, and information security issues, you may contact us through the following e-mail address: [email protected] describing the subject of the request and indicating an e-mail address, a telephone contact address or a mailing address for reply. For your information, Matrix-Shell general contacts are the following: