5G Network Security Testing


5g network security testing

The 5G Network security testing services helps to prevent user equipment, user devices, system, Individual Customers/Users, Business Partners, Business Customers, third party networks, from external and internal network vulnerabilities. Also, it helps to secure the 5G network Core & Roaming threats. Organization network accomplishes more flexible and scalable network system & software, and it supports dynamic and quick deployment of network service. The 5G network service will have integrated core & Roaming threats solutions.

5G Core Threats

NFV Issues
Rest API vulnerabilities
Traffic Segregation Issues
Protocol Issues
Configuration Issues

5G Network Security Testing

Required Audits/Testing
Policies / Security Verification
Communication Path Testing
Fuzzing Core Network
Penetration Testing

5G Security Challenges

Radio Access Network
V/C Based NFV Core
Zombie UE
Signalling Drag
EDGE Computing
Roaming Interconnect
5G Network Security

5G Roaming Threats

In the coming days, many telecom operators are deploying the 5G network system and plans to introduce the 5G network system. The deployment of the 5G system presents both opportunities and challenges concerning 5G roaming. All telecom network & communications service providers will reasonably expect roaming services to continue without any threats and disruption, with features like high bandwidth, low latency, and high density. While 5G network roaming has many similarities to previous network generations, there are also some differences that telecom network & communication service providers should be aware of, to ensure a smooth transition without any network threats. Telecom network service providers are facing issues & threats like- 5G network lack of topology hiding, lack of IE filtering/size validation/throating, etc. lack of plausibility. DOS, the rest of the API vulnerabilities. But Matrix-Shell technology has 5G network security testing programs to prevent and protect to give solutions for 5G network roaming threats.

5G-Network-Roaming-Threats | 5G-Roaming-Threats | Matrix-Shell

Our 5G Network Security Testing Program

In 5G Network security, services provide telecom service users more extensive scope for securing your 5G network. Various types of adjunct networks are present in the 5G networks, gadgets, and services. Security components for the 5G System had to require the following overall necessities such as: – 

5G security testing program:-

In Telecom services, different security technologies are involved in the system. They are directly or indirectly affecting their particular domain.

Once we have fully deployed the system, then addressing the potential gap is not an easy process. Before the system function and deployment process, we need to prepare the security design process.

Access network vulnerabilities: Extensive check against various fraud scenarios.

Evaluate operations support system, business support system and in-house business application.

The 5G core network legacy system has a fundamental security assurance in the communication path between a user device and the termination point.

Comprehensive Network Security audit for telecom signaling systems like SS7, Diameter, GTP, HTTP, and Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP) threats: roaming, inbound and outbound signaling traffic analysis.

Check deep-screening of industrial & organization telecom network inter-connections and partnership APIs.

Telecom Network edge audit and security investigation against HTTP, API, and web applications, counting black/grey/white box checking.

The network system has its challenge arising from the coexistence of multiple domain authorities, including networks, services and devices. The 5G system is involved in service systems such as virtualization technology, vendors, and providers. Nowadays, each domain needs to implement cross-layer security. And can operate with other domains securely.

As per the GSMA Guidelines, ensure all required compliances.

In a detailed deep assessment of the telecom network, cloud applications and technologies used (MVNOs, MNOs, MEC, SDN, NFV, Containers).

RAN/O-RAN security assessment.

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